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Do tax resolution services work? 

Yes!  But you need the right representation at a reasonable cost.  Read more here.

How do I know if it will work for me specifically? 

This will depend on your personal expectations and circumstances.  In most individual IRS tax debt cases, a well planned phone call or two can resolve your income tax liabilities directly with the IRS.  And, most people can...
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Over the road truck drivers keep the economy moving by delivering goods everyday across the country.  Life on the road means that some things get put on the backburner.  Sometimes taxes are left there for a while and back tax debts pile up. 

Fresh Start Tax Relief can help you gain control of your back tax liabilities by contacting the IRS on your behalf to research and investigate your accou...
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At the end of 2014 Fresh Start Tax Relief was hired by a local Chicagoan.  He lives two blocks from our office.  A balance due on his 2013 1040 tax return prompted him to call.
He already had a formal Installment Agreement in place on a $2,500 tax debt from 2010 and wasn't sure how to handle an additional $10,000 tax debt from 2013.

Here's what we were able to help him figure out.
  • His accountan...
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The IRS Offer in Compromise (OIC) is a great tool to resolve your back tax liabilities, if you qualify.  The IRS looks heavily at your assets and your ability to pay monthly.

If the equity in your assets is more than you owe the IRS, you may not qualify for the OIC.  But the OIC equity calculation isn't as simple as taking the fair market value of your asset and subtracting the loan balance.  It...
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