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If you're considering hiring any of the companies listed below to help you resolve your IRS back taxes, contact Fresh Start Tax Relief first.  Our $499 Service is outlined here.  Even if you don't hire us, you'll learn something about your back tax debt.  Securing a solution to your IRS tax problem may not be as difficult as these other companies make it out to be. 

Call Fresh Start Tax Relie...
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In an effort to treat all taxpayers that are attempting to resolve a back tax debt equal, the IRS has limits or caps on certain monthly expenses.  The Service calls these expense ceilings Collection Financial Standards.  The Service uses the Standards to help establish your ability to pay. 

The Collection Financial Standards can be found online at here.The Standards are updated yearly, April ...
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Reasonable fees are always a concern when you're looking help resolving and reducing your back IRS taxes.  Depending on your case, tax resolution companies charge anywhere from $500 for an investigation only up to $10,000+ for larger cases. 

Fresh Start Tax Relief's fee is $499.  It doesn't change.  Here's what you get.
  • Investigation of your IRS back tax case
  • Analysis of your Collec...
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A lot of people that owe back taxes to the IRS and state also owe other creditors.  Many of them have considered bankruptcy as an option to resolve all of their debts.  In some cases bankruptcy can help.  M&M Financial's blog about taxes and bankruptcy discusses it briefly.  And, Fresh Start has some limited information about it here.  The IRS has provided some useful information on their websi...
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