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The Taxpayer Rights and Responsibilities of Washington State isn't really that informative, not much there.  Check out the Delinquent Tax Collection Process instead.

WA-DOR Monthly Payment Plan

The Department of Revenue isn't fun to deal with when you owe back taxes.  Here is some basic information to get you started. 

  • Your compliance history matters and will be considered.
  • All payment agreements must be set up for E-file, direct debits...
  • The State wants the debt paid off as soon as possible and does not have a set number of months it will allow you to pay back a tax liability.  Everything is case by case.
  • A financial statement and bank statements are generally required.
  • A Tax Warrant (tax lien) will be filed to protect the State's interest.

State of Washington Offer in Compromise

The DOR has a type of settlement they will consider, but not an Offer in Compromise.  The Appeals Division will not consider settlements in which the only reason is the inability to pay.

Penalty Relief

Penalty Waivers will be considered if the compliance failure was the result of circumstances beyond your control.  Lack of funds isn't typically considered a valid reason.

However, if you've filed and paid all of your tax returns and payments on time for the 24 months prior to the period in question, the WA-DOR may waive a penalty for good behavior.

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