Maine’s Taxpayer Rights.

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MRS Monthly Payment Plan

If you’re looking for a payment plan of 6 months or less to pay back your taxes, you probably won’t be required to submit any financial information.  Payment Plans of up to 24 months may be granted, but require completion of a Collection Information Statement.  The MRS has also been known to ask for a down payment before allowing a taxpayer into a monthly Payment plan.

Individuals may also set up a Payroll Deduction Agreement which allows their monthly payment toward the back taxes to be taken directly from their paycheck.

State of Maine Offer in Compromise

Yes, there is an Offer in Compromise, but there is no MRS Offer in Compromise form.  You’ll need to submit your Offer in the form of a letter with your Personal and/or Business Financial Statement to substantiate the amount you’re offering as settlement.  Your Offer letter should also include your proposed payment terms and a detailed explanation of the current circumstances that is causing your inability to pay the total amount due.

Penalty Relief

According to the Taxpayer Rights and Maine’s Taxation law, MRS may waive or abate penalties due to Reasonable Cause.

  • Erroneous Information provided by MRS
  • Death or serious illness of the taxpayer or a member of the taxpayer’s immediate family
  • Natural Disaster
  • A monthly return was filed and paid less than one month late and all previous 12 returns were filed and paid on time
  • A return (not monthly) was filed and paid less than one month late and all returns were filed and paid on time for the 3 previous years
  • Substantial Authority
 The reasons above are not a comprehensive list of MRS’ Reasonable Cause, but it’s the list of reasons Maine uses.

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