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IA-DOR Monthly Payment Plan

You may be able to set up your Payment Agreement with the IA-DOR online.  Here are just a few of the Iowa DOR website’s Terms of Payment Agreement.  Find the complete list online.

  • Maximum payment term is 36 months. 
  • Minimum monthly payment is $10.00. 
  • Any new liability will break the agreement and the full balance will become due immediately. 
  • Once this payment plan is approved, no further legal actions will be taken by the Department of Revenue as long as all payments are made timely. Failure to make scheduled payments timely may result in additional collection efforts at the end of your appeal period. This may include a block to prevent licensing any vehicle, filing of a lien, sanctions on any professional license, and levies on wages and bank accounts. 
Be aware that if you fail to make arrangements to pay your back taxes, the Central Collections Unit may suspend or revoke your professional, occupational, recreational, business, industry license or hunting and fishing license.

State of Iowa Offer in Compromise

To submit an Offer in Compromise to the state of Iowa, you first need to order an OIC packet through your assigned collection agent or office.  Contact information should be on your most recent notice.

Penalty Relief

According to the Instructions on page 2 of the Penalty Waiver Request form, there 13 penalty waiver reasons.  But not all of the reasons will work for all penalty types.  You will need to choose the reason(s) and write a description of why the reason fits your circumstances.  It can be really difficult to get penalties removed.

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