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MD Comptroller Monthly Payment Plan

Maryland offers a few different ways to set up your monthly payments.

  • Online Payment Agreement
  • By email at
  • If you are emailing in your request, include your name, address, the last four digits of your Social Security Number, case number or notice number and your phone number.
  • By calling the Collection Section at (410) 974-2432, have your notice on hand when you call.

If you owe about $15,000 or more, expect to make a down payment to get a monthly payment plan in place.  Down payment may be around 25%.  An individual may have an easier time of getting the state to waive the down payment than a business.  If your business is dealing with past due sales tax, the down payment may even increase to 1/3 of the total tax due.

 You may also be able to get up to 24 months to pay back the taxes through monthly payments.

State of Maryland Offer in Compromise

You get one shot at the Maryland Offer in Compromise.  The decision made on your initial Offer is final and cannot be appealed.  So you need to make you include everything in your initial Offer.

 The MD OIC forms and MD 433-A, MD 433-B – are similar to the IRS forms.

Penalty Relief

The Comptroller of Maryland says that Penalty and Interest abatement is possible.  But, there isn’t much direction about how to go about getting Abatements and Waivers on their website.

 If you’re looking to get penalties removed on a sales tax debt, the chances are slim.  If you do get penalties (or interest) waived on back sales tax, let us know how you did it.
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