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What Should I Do If The IRS Has Sent A Tax Levy To My Bank Account?

If the IRS has levied your bank account or garnished your wages, chances are you've missed a deadline, failed to properly respond to the IRS, failed to pay your tax timely, or other missed communication with the IRS regarding your back tax liability.  If you aren't able to pay the tax you owe (which will cause the IRS to immediately release your levy or garnishment), there are a couple of different ways to get the IRS to release your levy or garnishment.
  • Hardship prove to the IRS that the levy or garnishment is causing you a hardship.  Be prepared to provide evidence of your hardship such as utility shut-off notices, an eviction notice, proof of necessary medical treatment or similar documents.  You may also be required to resolve your tax debt within a set period of time as a condition of the release.
  • Resolution securing a resolution to your IRS tax debt will, in most cases, cause the Service to release your levy or garnishment.

What Should I Do If The IRS Will Not Release A Levy Sent To My Bank Account?

If the IRS representative or Revenue Officer will not release your levy or garnishment, you may have additional options available to you.
  • Collection Group Manager ask to speak with the IRS representatives manager.  A manager is often able to quickly resolve disputes.
  • IRS Appeals you may Appeal an IRS decision that you disagree with.
  • Taxpayer Advocate is an independent organization within the Internal Revenue Service that assists taxpayers experiencing hardships due to IRS actions.  Use IRS Form 911


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