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VT-DOT Monthly Payment Plan

The message Vermont wants to send to taxpayers before discussing an installment agreement to pay back taxes, is that it’s cheaper in the long run to pay them when they’re due.  I believe we all realize that, so let’s take a look at what you can expect when you contact the State about a payment plan.

According to the DOT’s website, your ability to pay will be determined, in part, by the following.

  • Number of dependents you support
  • The value and equity in any property or other assets you own
  • Monthly income and expenses
  • Other debts you may have
In the past, we’ve found that the State would like to keep monthly payment plans around the 12 month time frame.  You can expect to complete the DOT’s Financial and Income Statement form and provide supporting documents, such as tax returns, proof of income and bank statements.

State of Vermont Offer in Compromise

The commissioner has the authority to accept an Offer in Compromise, but there isn’t a form readily available with instructions for you to complete and submit.  It’s not a solution that is advertised by the Department.

Although we’ve never submitted an OIC to Vermont in an effort to settle outstanding taxes, you can bet that financial information will need to be submitted in order for it to be considered. 

If you have success with a Vermont Offer in Compromise, let us know.  We’d love to hear about it.

Penalty Relief

Getting penalties removed on a Sales Tax liability is pretty tough to do in any state.  Vermont is no different.

However, the Department may consider your request for penalty abatement if you have Reasonable Cause. 

The IRS states that Reasonable Cause relief is considered when you’ve exercised ordinary business care and prudence to meet your tax obligations.  We expect Vermont to have a similar stance.


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