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OTC Monthly Payment Plan

Okee doke cow poke.  Here are the OK payment plan basics.

  • Don’t expect more than 12 months to pay. 
  • Payments are due on the 15th of each month.  First payments are due the 15th of the month following the date you set up the agreement.
  • In extreme circumstances, the OTC may consider allowing more than 12 months.  Expect to submit financial information.  More time also requires approval from the higher ups.
  • Do you have a professional license (doctor, nurse, teacher, plumber…) or work for the state of Oklahoma?  If yes, you get special treatment, which doesn’t mean better treatment.

State of Oklahoma Offer in Compromise

Oklahoma has an Application for Settlement of Tax Liability.  A close look into your financial situation is required for its consideration.

Keep in mind that if you owe business Trust Taxes (sales tax, withholding tax…), the Settlement of Tax Liability probably won’t work for you.  For Trust Taxes to qualify, you have to show that the tax was never collected and that you didn’t know collection of the tax was required.  Really tough to do.  If you collected the Trust Tax, Oklahoma will not settle for less than the amount of tax collected.

The Oklahoma Tax Commission often uses collection agencies.  

  • Harris & Harris LTD (H&H),
  • Municipal Services Bureau (MSB)
  • Linebarger, Goggan, Blair & Sampson LLC(LGBS)
 According to the OTC website, if you are contacted by these agencies regarding your tax liability, you should “respond to such personnel in the same manner you would an OTC representative.

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