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Taxpayers’ Bill of Rights – Not very exciting.

NV-DOT Monthly Payment Plan

Payment Installment Plans require current tax compliance.  Here are a couple more guidelines to get you started.

  • A personal guarantee will be required.
  • Plans of more than 36 months or over $50,000 in tax owed will require financial statements to be completed and a personal guarantee. 
  • All documents must be notarized or signed in the presence of a Department Revenue Officer. 
  • You’ll need to send your first payment in with your request.

State of Nevada Offer in Compromise

Yes, Nevada has an Offer in Compromise.  Here’s the OIC form.  It’s pretty similar to the IRS form.

Penalty Relief

Similar to IRS language, Nevada states that penalty abatement will be considered if the accrual of the tax was the “result of circumstances beyond your control and occurred despite the exercise of ordinary care and without intent.”

Expect to pay the tax due before the State considers your request for penalty abatement.

page last reviewed 10/21/2022


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