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South Carolina Taxpayers’Bill of Rights doesn’t have much useful tax resolution material.  But it does have some beneficial information about levy releases.

SC-DOR Monthly Payment Plan

South Carolina recently made the Payment Agreement guidelines pretty straight forward.

Individual Tax
  • Owe $0 - $999, 12 months or less to pay
  • Owe $1,000 - $4,999, 24 months or less to pay
  • Owe $5,000 - $9,999, 36 months or less to pay
  • Owe $10,000 and above, 48 months or less to pay
Business Tax
  • All Balances, 18 months or less to pay
A few more nuggetsabout the SC-DOR Installment Payment Agreement.
  • If accepted, your first payment will be processed immediately via direct debit
  • A tax lien may be filed.
  • Don't default your agreement.  Getting it reinstated will be more difficult.

State of South Carolina Offer in Compromise

See form SC656.

2 Reasons the DOR will consider your Offer in Compromise.

  • Doubt as to Collectability
  • Economic Hardship

Penalty Relief

Typically, we hear from taxpayers that fell behind with their tax responsibilities due to a financial setback.  Although the Department will consider removing penalties, financial hardship is typically not an acceptable reason

You will need to prove that the circumstances surrounding the lack of compliance were due to Reasonable Cause.  The burden of proof will be on you, so provide as much backup documentation as possible with your request.

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