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IRS Account Transcripts


Are you wondering how to get started resolving your own tax debt?  A great place to begin is your Account Transcript(s). 

If you don't want to draw attention to yourself by contacting the IRS in person or via telephone, request your transcripts online here at  You can choose to view them immediately online.

Your Account Transcript will give you a line by line explanation of transactions on the account.  It will help you determine the following.

  • Adjusted gross and taxable income
  • Tax per return
  • Whether or not your return was filed timely
  • Approximate balance due
  • Payments and credits to your account
  • Refunds issued
  • Interest applied to your account
  • Penalty types and amounts applied to your account 
  • And more

Need help deciphering your IRS transcript?  Call Fresh Start Tax Relief at 866-937-5079.  We can also help you determine your IRS Collection Potential and which resolution option best fits your needs.
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