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Request a withdrawal of your tax lien


The IRS will Release your tax lien within 30 days of full payment.  In some cases, the IRS will also Withdraw the tax lien after full payment.  The Service may also Withdraw your tax lien even if the tax isn't full paid.

The difference between a Release and a Withdrawal is in how credit reporting agencies treat the two.  A Withdrawal will remove the tax lien and any reference of it from a credit report.  A Release will not.  With just a Release, the tax lien will show up on a credit report for seven years.  In contrast, a Withdrawal issued by the IRS will make it appear as if the tax lien was never filed and credit rebuilding can begin quicker. 

You must request your IRS Lien Withdrawal in writing.  Use form 12277.

More IRS Lien Withdrawal Information.

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